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New Listing!

I was planning on making these for myself, but they came out too small. Simple crochet ruffled cuffs, very steampunk if I say so myself. They’re seven inches long, about two inches wide.

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Check out The Cheap Hooker for all your inexpensive crochet needs!

the last scarf for this month is a fun, multi-colored thick scarf that measures out to 78 inches long and 5 inches wide. It has light and dark blue, purples pinks and greens!

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The light blue scarf is very light, and perfect for summer wear. it’s even sparkly! it measures out to 70 inches long, and four inches wide. A nice colorful pop for any outfit!

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Another beautiful scarf for sale, this one is a light and dark pink scarf that is 78 inches long and 5 inches wide. Perfect for adding some color to your outfits!

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We also have this gorgeous 78 inch by 4.5 inch black scarf that is a little heavier, good for autumn and classic enough to go with anything!

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Bargello Needlework Pillowcases!

Now these aren’t technically crochet, but they are beautiful and I have too many. My grandmother makes these with a technique called Bargello, google it! I have all sorts of sizes and colors, and you can email me if you’d like to see all of them before purchasing. There are different patterns with different sizes, please be aware of that. Each one has a zipper and is quilted on the back! These take quite some time to make, and I’ve cut the price waaaay down to $35 each.

Also offered on the cheap hooker: simple multipurpose bags!

I use mine for both crochet hooks and makeup, these bags are perfect for keeping things organized!

I have white and green, as well as red and black in stock for $10, or you can commission a specific size and color for $15.

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Right now, we have a silky soft orange scarf that measures in at 79 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. It’s fairly light, and perfect for those crisp summer nights!

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